paybone voip recharge usage policy


When you use our voip credit recharge service, you are regard to understand and accept the following policy:

  1. Please make sure you fill in correct voip userrname (which you use to login on your voip website or mobilevoip app)*, since we can not verify whether your voip username is existed. It is one way recharge system and it is not possible to change after credit transferred.
  2. If you recharged wrong voip username (which exists but not belong to you), you need to contact that voip user by yourself to negotiate to solve your issue, we are unable to help on this.
  3. Our service is completed up recharge is completed, no refund is possible.
  4. If you do not get credit after payment, the first thing you need to do is to send wechat payment proof in detail with Order Number via picture to our wechat official number: IWCALL, we will check and usually reply within one working day.
  5. Only recharging supported voip brands, which are listed on this page.
  6. There will be 5% handle fee deduced if you want to refund a recharge (none-existed username or not supported brand).


How to contact the voip user which you recharged wrongly?


* Login on with your voip username(Reference pictures):



Paybone service

Contact wechat: paybone




  1.  请确保您输入正确的voip用户名(用于登录voip网站或mobilevoip app的用户名)*,因为我们无法验证您的voip用户名是否存在。系统只能单向充值,充值成功后无法更改。
  2.  如果您为错误的voip用户名充值了(存在但不属于您),则需要自己与该voip用户联系协商解决您的问题,我们无法为您提供帮助。
  3.  充值完成即表示我们的服务已完成,无法退款。
  4.  如果您在付款后没有获得余额,您需要做的第一件事是通过图片将详细的带有订单号的微信付款凭证发送到我们的微信官方公众号:IWCALL,我们将在一个工作日内答复。
  5.  仅充值支持的voip品牌,支持的品牌列表请见这里
  6.  因用户名输错后续要求退款的,会扣5%的手续费,前提是你输错的用户名不存在或属于不支持的类型。此种情况下,提供正确的或支持的用户名,可以充值不扣费。